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Garren Schader

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Garren is the owner of Fair Deal Bail Bonds. Garren was originally born in Wichita, KS but has been raised in Arkansas all his life. Garren and Jim grew up together and have been friends since grade school. Garren started Fair Deal Bail Bonds in 2003, and has worked hard over the last decade to make it the successful business that it is today.

Jim Neighbors

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Jim and Garren have been lifelong friends. When Jim retired from Wal-Mart in 2007 he left the Pacific Northwest to return to Arkansas. Soon Jim and Garren were working together at Fair Deal.

Jim is the Manager of Fair Deal Bail Bonds. He is at the office every day making sure things run smoothly.

David CeolaFair Deal-15

David is a native of Northwest Arkansas. He is a licensed bail bondsman writing bonds for Fair Deal.

Doris Bohannan


Doris is Garren’s sister.  She works at Fair Deal as an administrative assistant.

Wendell ReedFair-Deal-23

Wendell has been writing bonds for Fair Deal since January of 2010. Wendell also is a process server and a licensed private investigator.

Greg Schader

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Greg is Garren’s brother.  He helps the team with search and recovery.